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To whomsoever it may concern

I, Sridhar Ranganathan, am no longer a part of the “Meghshala Trust” in any capacity. I have resigned from the Board of Trustees and as the Founder Trustee as of October 9, 2018.


Sridhar Ranganathan                                                                October 9, 2018


The Board of Trustees,

Meghshala Trust.

I submit my resignation from the Board of Trustees of the Meghshala Trust as well as the Founder Trustee of the Meghshala with immediate effect.  As of now, I do not hold any office of any position at the Meghshala Trust.

I have been left with no choice but to take this extreme step due to the following reasons of mis-governance.

  1. My co-founding Trustee Jyoti Thyagarajan has taken loans and donations in the Trust without any clear process of due diligence and complete lack of communication to me.  I am not even aware or have been introduced to parties who have funded Meghshala.

Essentially, the Meghshala Trust is being run by one individual without any compliance or governance and I need to protect myself from any liabilities that may arise from this.  I am not in the know of the plans ahead nor the happenings of the Trust.

  1. Public posts on my co-founding Trustee Jyoti Thyagarajan’s personal FaceBook account (which has been deleted as of a week or so ago) and various articles in the press and in sections of our funders’ websites claim that Meghshala is working with anywhere from 10,000 to 22,000 teachers in various sectors.  Some sections also claim that Meghshala has grown 500x in the past 18 months.

One of our funders’ website claims that Meghshala is “working with 16000” teachers.

All of the above data regarding the number of teachers and growth information has been incomplete without reporting the Active usage.  Despite repeated requests over a period of time to share complete information with all our funders, this has not been done.

Reports published in the latest and the one previous Meghshala Newsletter - Meghduth by the co-founding Trustee about the usage of Meghshala’s app has also been reported incompletely. The latest Meghduth newsletter claims 22000 downloads, but fails to complete the story that it is being only used by 306 teachers on Sept 17th.

From Meghduth

This data has been made available to all concerned in this weekly update.  Despite the availability of information, reporting has been left incomplete.

Snapshot of Weekly Report

As of September 17th, 2018

Total users including Meghshala Employees who have downloaded and installed the Meghshala App between Sept 2017 and Sept 2018 - 22,212

Total users who have uninstalled the Meghshala App during this same period - 17,105

Total current active installs of the Meghshala App - 4,965

Total teachers using the Meghshala App as of Sept 17th, 2018 - 306

The earlier newsletter had also ignored the number of active installs and active usage.

Given the vast difference in the number of downloads versus active usage, I have repeatedly requested my co-founding Trustee to report these numbers accurately.

Various posts, Emails threads with clear evidence of the availability of accurate data at any given point in time has been documented.  Despite many conversations and many requests to include the active usage data have been ignored.  

The important thing here to note is that the funders of Meghshala could be unaware of the active usage of teachers and I personally would like every funder to know about this.  I have requested multiple times that the list of funders and their contact information be made available to me, but have been denied access.  I have no choice other than to go public with it.  

Combined with the lack of information of the lenders, funders, grantors to the Meghshala Trust and publishing and reporting incomplete data, has left me with no choice, but to resign and let all the stakeholders know.

I have already informed one of our funders - The Tata Education Trust and it will be my endeavor to trace and find the contact information of other funders and make them aware of this.

The response to my last request (one of many over the last few months) to reveal complete and accurate data to our funders was astounding.  It has been suggested that I be part of that letter, suggesting that I was party all along to reporting incomplete information.  

3. It is important to mention here that I have loaned a sum of Rs. 14.5 Lakhs to  Meghshala Trust and want the same be returned immediately.

4. It is important to note that I am one of the signatories of the Bank Account, but the Account need 2 signatories. My signature is rendered useless when a second signatory was authorized, who is an employee working for the Trust and all transactions are done only by co-founding Trustee

5. It is important to note that all Intellectual Property of Meghshala predates the formation of the Meghshala Trust.  All terminologies being used in the Trust like TeachKits, Offline Tool are from my personal imagination and I would like Meghshala to stop using them or get a license to use them.  It is important to note that the web domains meghshala.org, meghshala.com predate the formation of the Meghshala Trust and they belong to me in my personal capacity.  As part of my resignation, I withdraw the use of these domains by the Meghshala Trust.

Some samples of evidence are made available in the Appendix of the document.


Sridhar Ranganathan

Appendix - Sample Evidence of Reporting of information without complete details

Meghshala Trust FB shares a post from Jyoti Thyagarajan’s personal FB Page.

I do not think that these numbers are accurate and ask for accurate numbers including a complete funnel view

Prasanna and Ashutosh - Data folks who work for Meghshala report back with some numbers. - See below which is significantly lower than the reported number in terms of actual and active use

I set up a process to get accurate data to be reported for the past as well as going forward

The next step was to set up a time with the team at Meghshala to figure out the status, strategy and how to move forward with setting up Meghshala for success.

I felt that this meeting had a good start and would have had meaningful outcomes, only to be told by Jyoti that I was breaking up the team and so on.  I simply withdrew, but continued sending the accurate data on a weekly basis.

Got a donor list where I did not recognize many names and asked for their contact information and I have been denied access.  

I was not aware that Meghshala was raising funds at this time between April and August 2018 and I was shocked to see this report, where the numbers reported were again incomplete.

Despite so many reports being sent, I was utterly shocked to see this

In the Press announcing that Meghshala has been selected among the top 8.  I just wish we had been selected in spite of these numbers.  This had become too serious now and had to be addressed.

And a video on YouTube claiming that Meghshala is working with 16000 users.

And the reporting of incomplete data continued

The Board of Trustees of the Meghshala Trust have accepted this Resignation Letter.
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